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product management for

high-grade polymers and films

The German company aboutfilms , Bad Schwalbach, founded by Dipl.-Ing. Ekkehard Beer, offers a product management service embracing everything relating to the manufacture, processing and application of polymer-based films. The main focus of activities is the develop-ment and marketing of high-grade films for highly demand-ing technical and industrial applications, such as those, for example, in medical and biotechnology, the automotive, consumer goods and packaging industries, and in data transmission and communication systems. It is in these areas of application that high-performance and special-purpose films, coated for specific functions and purposes or modified with the aid of nanotechnology, are rapidly gaining in importance. New and interesting applications are also opening up for un-stretched mono-axially and bi-axially oriented films and for films compressed from porous non-woven web materials.





International Sleeve and Label Conference 2007
International Sleeve Label Conference 2007,
June 26 & 27, Amsterdam , the Netherlands

Lecture: Developments in Sleeve Film Technologies and Testing Methods

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