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Aboutfilms was founded in January 2005 by Ekkehard Beer. His long-term experience in the plastic and film area stand him in good stead for his new company's activities. His customers benefit from his comprehensive technology and marketing know-how, his sound knowledge of the film market and his contacts with numerous film manufacturers and processors both in Germany and abroad.
The consulting service is especially valuable for:

Machine manufacturers – e.g. assessing the market potential of new film applications and – if necessary-modifying existing machines at reasonable cost so that these new film products can be readily manufactured on them;

• Raw material producers – developing new areas of application for their materials, e.g. for the production of films in the field of food and other high-performance technologies as well as for medical or pharmaceutical applications;

• Processors – developing films from available raw materials using innovative technologies, modified additives and/or additional or subsequent treatment processes in order to improve their functional properties or render them suitable for new applications.

In 1968, after completing his studies in Process Engineering, Dipl.-Ing. Ekkehard Beer began his career with the firm of Kalle, Wiesbaden/Germany, which at that time was still a subsidiary of Hoechst AG. Various positions (synthetic leather, nonwoven, PE films, technical papers, filtration membranes, PP films) in Research, Production, Sales and Marketing were followed by a transfer to the Rigid Film Division (PET and PVC). From 1996 until the end of 2004 he was employed with Ticona GmbH, Kelsterbach/Germany, where he was responsible worldwide for the market development of film and packaging applications for the cycloolefin copolymer Topas.




International Sleeve and Label Conference 2007
International Sleeve Label Conference 2007,
June 26 & 27, Amsterdam , the Netherlands

Lecture: Developments in Sleeve Film Technologies and Testing Methods

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